First Baptist Church of Ypsilanti
About Us 
We are a friendly Church that believes in God's Word and putting it into practice in our daily lives.   Find out a little more about us by reading below, but to really learn about our family at First Baptist come join us for worship this coming Sunday at 9:30 am or bring your children to Pioneer club or to other activities listed on this website.

“to prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.”
Ephesians 4:12, 13


Mission: Leading people to faith in Jesus Christ and equipping them
to live as servants devoted to Jesus Christ and His Church

Vision statement:  First Baptist Church of Ypsilanti seeks to be a culturally and generationally diverse community unified by faith in Jesus Christ.  We desire to encourage personal growth and to minister in Jesus’ name; to exhibit God’s love in speech and action; to confront the destructive powers of this world; and to demonstrate the relevance of Christianity in our complex society.  We aim to be a congregation in which persons at different stages on the spiritual journey will be welcomed, and those who are seeking meaning and purpose in their lives will experience and invitation to meet Jesus Christ in a personal and transforming way.”

LEADER:  We have been led by the Spirit of God to receive Jesus Christ as our Savior  and to make Him Lord of our lives.  As a family in Christ aided by the Holy Spirit, we enter solemnly and joyfully into covenant with one another.

CONGREGATION :  To pray for one another and to practice Christian love, sharing  each other’s joys and revealing our concern and sympathy in times of distress and sorrow.

To be Christian in our speech, not easily offended, and desirous for reconciliation whenever we have differences with those within or out of the church.

To regularly worship God together,  frequently receive communion, and give Christ and His Church first place in our loyalties.

To contribute cheerfully and regularly to our Church, giving of our time, of our abilities, and our money. 

To rear the children with whom we are blessed and to care for all for whom we have responsibility with love, concern, and a respect for them as persons.

To show concern for the poor through our contributions and actions, and to participate in efforts of the Church and community to relieve distress and make living conditions better.

To study the Word, practice personal prayer, and have family worship times, remembering in prayer the whole Christian community, our local Church, and the needs of others.

To share our faith with others and to support the world-wide missionary task with our prayers, resources, and abilities.

To live our Christian commitment within our family, business, and social experience.

To refrain from habits and customs which weaken our bodies, or are detrimental to the usage or growth of our spiritual gifts and abilities.

To strive to remove prejudice in ourselves and others, and to work to overcome the consequences of past and present injustices.

UNISON:  To unite as soon as possible when we move from this community, with another Church where we can worship and serve the Lord.


We have a church rich in history.  The first Baptist church was organized in 1828 between what are now Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor, though the first formal organized Baptist church in Ypsilanti was not until 1830.  The Lord has worked in our church in times of trials, when the church burned down, and also used our church to give to the community that we live in.  Here are some of the highlights of our history. 
First Baptist Church of Ypsilanti is a very stable church and congregation.  We have been blessed with only 3 Pastors in the past 75 years.  The shepherds of our church have been Reverend William R. Shaw from 1925 through 1964, Reverend William Bingham from 1964 through 1981, and most recently Reverend Vivan Martindale from 1981 through 1999.  Rev. Galen Lowery, served as our interim until Pastor Randy Johnson joined us in May of 2001. 

First Baptist has always enjoyed a strong mission outreach and this has been exemplified by our assistance in founding many churches in the area.  These churches include Grove Road Baptist Church, Willow Run Baptist Church, The Chilson Hills Baptist Church and financial assistance was given to the Metropolitan Baptist Church. Reverend Shaw showed his leadership in this area by serving as President of the Ypsilanti Kiwanis Club, and active involvement with the Salvation Army, including working with Major Boon in having the Kiwanis ringing the Christmas Kettle Bells for the past 40 years.  Reverend Bingham was instrumental in establishing the Meals on Wheels program, which still resides in the church. First Baptist also extends itself into the community by outreach to Eastern Michigan University, which benefited from Reverend Martindale’s focus on campus ministry.  First Baptist has also served the community for the past twenty years by providing a Living Nativity for Ypsilanti and the greater Ypsilanti community. 

Our church has also benefited from a tremendous group of lay leaders.   During the 1960’s our church took part in forming a coalition of churches to meet the needs of the minorities and the community and had representation from FBC.  Lay leaders have been involved in many ways including but not limited to, securing the land for the present building, bankers providing financial advice, cleaning and stacking brick after the old church burned to be used in the new church, and providers of leadership.  Serving the Lord Jesus Christ has always been the focus to this day.

First Baptist is a member of the American Baptist Churches of the U.S.A., the Baptist World Alliance, and the Church Women United.  Through these and other structures, we recognize and work toward the unity of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  All are welcome to attend and worship and Christians may join First Baptist Church regardless of denominational or racial background.

It is with a sense of awe that we look at all the gifts which our Lord has bestowed upon us.  We recognize that this places great responsibility on us and we shall continually strive to be faithful to the inscription on the front of our building:

"Dedicated to the Glory of God and the Service of Man".